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Quality management - in general.

Quality Management has captured a high position worldwide and has established itself in all industries from mechanical engineering to medical technology, from health care via telecommunications and other industrial and service sectors. In addition to demands from the market, legal, safety and environmental requirements are responsible for it's powerful role. Without a functioning quality management it is increasingly difficult to compete on the global market. Quality contributes to a differentiable image and helps to increase market share.

No top companies without quality management.

Quality management has changed over time. Quality management is an integrated corporate responsibility. It shapes the corporate culture. All employees in the company are responsible and only through them a quality management system is effective. All departments are involved, such as project management, market research, development, procurement and production. Further, philosophies and strategies as SixSigma, the zero-defect strategy, excellence-offensives, lean management, etc. are integrated. Quality Management covers all phases of the product lifecycle including product use, service and recycling. This includes employee motivation, supplier management as well as - and this especially - customer focus. The customer is in focus and is to be considered to be (and too rarely practiced): The King.

The lecture provides basic knowledge and requirements of a comprehensive quality management system. It is not about to provide a panacea for a quality management system - this is in fact impossible. Examples and exercises help to share a general understanding of quality management. Quality methods, systematics and tools are used to deliver high quality,  help to avoid mistakes, reduce risks and help to win enthusiastic customers.

Conclusion: "Quality is when the customer comes back and not the product!".

April 03, 2013, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Marc Nutzmann

Lecture. Workshop. Exercises.

  • Quality Mangement in the three life cycle phases: product design, -realization and –usage
  • Integrated and strategic Quality Management
  • Quality planning, failure prevention and reliability and maintainability assurance
  • Quality Management methods:
    Kano-Method, the classic Q-Tools, K-Tools,
    risk analysis, QFD,
    (System-, function- and potential failure structured) FMEA*
  • Quality Management System / Total Quality Management

Lecture contents.


Many thanks to APIS Informationstechnologien GmbH for their friendly support and free license of their FMEA-Software "APIS IQ-Software" for research and teaching!

Certification. Audit-Quick-Check. Your Integrated Quality Management System.

We have developped an integrating approach for a Quality Management System and an auditing / evaluation tool called:


We are able to evaluate your company in a 'quick check', find out about strengths and weaknesses in your system. On basis of the 'quick check' we can identify next steps for your Quality Management System based on DIN EN ISO 9001:2015-11.

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